HIPPA and HCFA Compliant Medical Transcription Services

Scribernet is not only a premiere web enabled, HIPAA, HCFA compliant medical transcription company, but it also provides Electronic Patient Records on the Web, as a part of the medical transcription service. Our technology solution provides you with real-time tracking of all your medical transcription jobs from dictation to delivery back to your hospital or clinic. This service is invaluable for the Health Care industry.

Secure web enabled medical transcription service

Maintain electronic patient records for your practice securely on the web

Stringent patient file security measures exceeds HIPAA requirements

Transcription proof read by doctors. Guaranteed 99% initial accuracy

Optimized delivery mechanism achieves very low cost transcription

Dictate via any digital dictation device or via any remote phone

Partnership with experienced and mature transcription companies

View patient records and transcription status from any PC with internet access